Calumet Farm Bourbon Adds A 14 Year Old Bottling

Calumet Farm Bourbon, as we’ve talked about in the past, is a sourced Kentucky bourbon label that’s owned by Western Spirits Beverage Company, an outfit that also happens to own the Sam Houston bourbon brand, among others. Part of the Calumet line up focuses upon its higher end Single Rack Black series, and it is from this a new 14 year old American whiskey has debuted.

The new Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 14 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey, according to those behind it, is typical of the Single Rack Black line up in that it heralds from “extremely small batches of just 19 barrels” that are aged “in a single, center cut rack from the ideal maturation location and conditions inside the rick house.”

Calumet Farm bourbons

The bourbons of the Calumet Farm brand (image via Western Spirits Beverage Company)

Originally barreled in March, 2006, it has a mash bill of 74% corn, 18% rye and 8% malted barley and is non-chill filtered.

This particular bourbon, bottled at 96.2 proof, looks to be pricing over $100 per 750 ml bottle. You’ll find some official tasting notes from the brand below for your consideration. It should be noted as well that Calumet Farm Bourbon, as folklore goes, pays homage to one William Monroe Wright, once-owner of the Calumet Baking Powder Company, whose Kentucky farm was famous for its award-winning horses.

  • Color: Deep amber throughout with shimmering highlights of copper and sun-yellow
  • Nose: Heavy notes of oak and molasses are rolled back as light scents of fresh corn, wood sugars and hay present
  • Taste: Smooth flavors of oak and char subside to reveal complex sensations of toasted grains, toffee and vanilla
  • Finish: The long finish leaves the palate with a subtle dryness followed by lasting flavors of rye and dark fruit


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