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Buffalo Trace O.F.C. Bourbons Net Over $1 Million For Charities

By Nino Marchetti / April 17, 2017

Last fall, Buffalo Trace announced they would be unveiling some their rarest and oldest bourbons as part of their new O.F.C. Collection. The distillery also decided the initial releases of these bottles would be reserved for charities, distributed at no cost to sell for fundraising purposes. After a long lull, all said auctions related to the chosen non-profits are now over, and the results of their efforts are pretty staggering in terms of cash received.

Buffalo Trace said recently the two hundred donated bottles of vintage-dated whiskey had collectively raised for the associated-non-profits $1,196,687. The causes associated with these organizations were all over the map, including cancer services, cystic fibrosis, leukemia and lymphoma, children’s rights, autism, military veterans, animal protection, arts foundations, and many more.

“We’re so happy these worthy causes will benefit from the release of this O.F.C. bourbon,” said Kris Comstock, Buffalo Trace bourbon marketing director, in a prepared statement [PDF]. “On average, $6,100 was raised by these charities. We’re thrilled these non-profits used this opportunity to come up with creative ways to raise funds for their much needed causes.”

Some of the non-profits got fairly creative in how to drive up interest in their bottles. Meals on Wheels People in Portland, Oregon, for example, raised $24,000 through promoting its event on social media and partnering with leaders in the food industry, mainly restaurants, who then in turn promoted it to their client base. The non-profit also reached out to traditional media outlets and bourbon enthusiast bloggers, which led to several write ups about the event and an appearance on one news channel at a local bourbon hangout.

“All the money raised from our event will be used to feed senior citizens,” added Tony Staser, chief development officer, Meals on Wheels. “The $24,000 raised will provide approximately 3,250 meals.”

Buffalo Trace officials said the distillery plans to release its next offering of O.F.C. Vintages later this year for consumers to purchase at liquor stores and bars. More details on that release will be forthcoming.


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