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Bourbon Truffles The Thing At Art Eatables

By Maggie Kimberl / February 24, 2016

When you think of chocolate candies with bourbon in them, you almost always think of bourbon balls.  That’s exactly why Kelly Ramsey founded Art Eatables in the Fourth Street entertainment district of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  She wanted to bring consumers something they had never had before.  Now her Art Eatables Small-Batch Bourbon Truffles have been featured in magazines from Martha Stewart to Garden and Gun.  Each handmade truffle is unique- different bourbons pair with different chocolate interiors and exteriors, and are topped with a BIT, or “Bourbon Information Token.”

art eatables

Kelly Ramsey of Art Eatables, photograph by Maggie Kimberl

1. How did you get the idea to make bourbon truffles?

Well let’s say this, I knew I didn’t want to make bourbon balls.  I have a friend who is in the bourbon industry. She got me into bourbon before bourbon was cool. So, needless to say I loved bourbon and was looking for a way that would get other people as excited about and interested in bourbon as I am. Bourbon and chocolate have a lot of similarities, and together they can make a really unique bourbon experience. I always say, “I love bourbon, and chocolate is just the way I get it to people.”

2. How are Art Eatables Bourbon Truffles different from other bourbon candies out there?

Most bourbon candies in the market are made of confectionary sugar, pecans, butter and bourbon. A Small-batch bourbon truffle is a bourbon chocolate that has been paired to bring out the flavor and nuances of a bourbon. Our goal is to create a bourbon experience outside of the bottle.

art eatables Collage

Photograph by Maggie Kimberl

3. What’s your favorite truffle right now?

Same answer I give when someone ask what’s my favorite bourbon…well it depends on the day and my mood.  But I will say, when we are making Michter’s truffles and one doesn’t make the cut, there’s no question who gets it…. it’s always me.

4. You’re always innovating. Care to share what’s new or what’s next at Art Eatables?

Yes, I have several projects and products in development right now, but most I can’t talk about yet. But, one I can mention is I’m working to bring back our Cocktail Chocolates™ line.  With more craft distillers opening and more un-aged products hitting the shelves, this allows me to create unique (sometimes simple but sometime complex) flavors in a chocolate. It’s like being a chocolatier and mixologist at the same time.

Visit the Art Eatables website for ordering information.


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