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Bourbon Pursuit Podcast #41: Brian Gelfo, Maker’s Mark

Brian Gelfo, Maker’s Mark Ambassador Extraordinaire & Bourbon Mafia Member, goes in depth about the brand.

Maker's Mark
image via Maker’s Mark

– Markers Mark is now starting a “private barrel” program. But it’s more like a private blend program.
– What’s your story?
– Tell the listeners about your Maker’s Mark collection
– How do you get a hold of all the export bottles?
– What would you consider your most prized Marker’s Mark collectable?
– Explain to the listeners what the Marker’s Mark ambassadors program is
– How does someone sign up for the program?
– Is it free of charge?
– What are the benefits of being an ambassador?
– Give the listeners some idea of the best items Marker’s Mark has sent over the years to their ambassadors.
– what’s the process for going to pick up a bottle from your batch? Is it like the Willy Wonka golden ticket?
– What is life like for the Samuels outside of bourbon?
– What are some of your favorite Maker’s Mark events over the past decade?

Bourbon Pursuit

Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil host the Bourbon Pursuit podcast from Louisville, KY. Together, they share a passion for the stories that made an industry flourish with a focus on history, personality, and of course, great bourbon. Their guests include master distillers, bloggers, historians, local events and more.

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