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Booker’s Bourbon “Off Your Rocker” Sounds About Right At 129.7 Proof

By Nino Marchetti / October 12, 2016

Booker's Bourbon Off Your RockerRemember earlier this year when we wrote about Booker’s Bourbon “Toogie’s Invitation,” noting at the time how the 129 proof, over six-year-old bourbon was one of the highest ABVs ever recorded for this particular brand? Guess what – the latest Booker’s Bourbon, known as the “Off Your Rocker” batch, is actually higher then that at a tongue-burning 129.7 proof.

Booker’s Bourbon “Off Your Rocker” Batch 2016-05 is about the same age as Toogie’s, dropping into bottle when it was 6 years, 7 months and 23 days old. It was culled from barrels located in four different rack houses, according to information from Beam, and it is the fifth bottling for 2016 in the Booker’s line up.

As with all Booker’s batches, there is a back story to the nickname of the bourbon. In the case of “Off Your Rocker,” it is said that

Booker Noe was a big man — with a big personality to match — and he always said that he was most comfortable in his rocking chair. When he wasn’t working, you could often find him rocking away at the distillery or at home on his front porch, a glass of Booker’s® Bourbon in hand. Of course, Booker’s friends and family were known to tell him he was “off his rocker” every now and again too, as Booker was always cracking jokes, speaking his mind and surprising people. If you visit the distillery today, you’ll find a statue of Booker in his rocking chair overlooking the rack houses with his beloved dog, Dot, by his side.

Very limited tasting notes for this whiskey suggest it “is well balanced with flavors of wood and vanilla with a big, warm finish that lingers for a good while and is ideal for sipping during crisp fall evenings.” It can be be enjoyed a variety of ways as well.

As for price, Booker’s Bourbon “Off Your Rocker” is set to price around $60 and should be to market shortly.