Booker’s Bourbon Latest Batch Picked While Hanging Out At The Old Noe Family Home

| December 15, 2014

If you are a fan of Booker’s Bourbon from Beam and love it one (relatively) small batch at a time, you’ll be interested to note those behind this brand recently announced Batch No 2014-6, the second to last batch of this year, has been released in the US. It was chosen, much like a batch last year, by a panel that included top whiskey experts from around the country.

Booker’s Bourbon Batch No 2014-6 was crafted from the hand-picked selections of the so-called “Booker’s Bourbon Roundtable” and Fred Noe, Beam’s 7th generation master distiller, by “secret ballot vote at the Noe family home in Bardstown, Kentucky.” What’s unique about this particular gathering is that, unlike in times past where it was held virtually, it was the first time the individuals in this select group had come together for a live, in-person tasting. This was done much like Booker Noe had once done, “gathering personal friends around his kitchen table to choose the next batch.”

“We brought the group to Kentucky to select their last batch of the year in the best way we knew how – by getting together at my dad’s house to taste his favorite bourbon,” said Fred Noe in a statement. “Booker’s was founded on my dad’s love for great bourbon, so by bringing the Roundtable together at his house, we were able to keep his tasting traditions alive.”


Besides Fred Noe and Booker’s grandson, Freddie Noe, five whiskey writers, including the legendary Chuck Cowdery, were among those who got to chill at the Noe homestead and sip bourbon to determine the batch. A hard job, I know, but isn’t that what us whiskey writers are for?

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Anyhow, what was chosen by said panel was bottled at 127.7 proof after having been aged for a little over seven years. Limited tasting notes on it are below courtesy of Booker’s Bourbon.

  • Nose: Vanilla with some toasted nuts
  • Finish: Long, smooth finish
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