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Blue Note Crossroads Is A 100 Proof Bourbon Finished With Toasted French Oak

Blue Note Bourbon recently added a toasted French oak bourbon to its portfolio … “Crossroads.”

Blue Note’s production team indicated in official tasting notes hat the new expression is bottled at 100 proof and features bold, aromatic flavors of toasted French oak, with notes of baking spices, toasted almond, Manuka honey, roasted marshmallow, and vanilla.

With more than two years of research and development in partnership with Tonnellerie Radoux, a boutique wine cooperage in central France, Blue Note distillers found Crossroads amplifies the growing popularity of toasted oak finished bourbons.

Blue Note Crossroads
Blue Note Crossroads (image via B.R. Distilling)

“We are excited to release the newest member of the Blue Note band, Blue Note Crossroads,” said McCauley Williams, CEO of B.R. Distilling Company, producer of Blue Note Bourbon, in a prepared statement.  “We’ve all come to a crossroads in our lives – whether personal or professional. It is a time when an important decision must be made; one that will carry with it profound consequences. The motif of the crossroads is prevalent in literature and in Blues music, legend, and lore. We mark our crossroads with the intersection of American and French oak.”

This latest Blue Note expression follows Blue Note’s recent expansion into new markets and a new distribution deal with Republic National Distributing Company.

And Williams noted that Blue Note Crossroads also marks the debut of a more design-forward, modern packaging that captures what’s described as the brand’s essence as “The Spirit of the Blues.”  The design, which is screen printed on the glass, features a ghostly Blues traveler wandering down Highway 61, the world-famous Delta Blues Highway.

Critics have taken notice of Blue Note Bourbon, as it has garnered several awards of late, including three double golds at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and recognition in other competitions such as the SIP Awards, Micro Liquor Spirit Awards, North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition, John Barleycorn Awards, The Fifty Best Rye Whiskey Awards, and the New York International Spirits Competition.

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