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Blood Oath Pact No. 3 Bourbon Partially Finished In Former Red Wine Barrels

In the world of higher end, premium sourced bourbon releases Luxco’s Blood Oath series holds a special place in the hearts of its fan base. It’s been popular enough over time, even given the price of close to $100, that the non-distilling producer is back now with Blood Oath Pact No. 3.

Blood Oath Pact No. 3, according to Luxco, is typical of this line up in that it blends different style bourbons and finishes to get the final whiskey profile. In its case this expression marries a 12-year-old bourbon, a 7-year-old bourbon and a 7-year-old rye, the latter of which was finished in ex-cabernet sauvignon barrels pulled from Napa Valley, California’s Swanson Vineyards.

Blood Oath Pact No. 3

“These carefully selected bourbons come together for a spicy, yet incredibly smooth flavor profile,” said John Rempe, creator of Blood Oath and Director of Corporate Research and Development at Luxco, in a prepared statement. “By finishing some of the bourbon in cabernet sauvignon barrels, I was able to drive more character and depth into the bourbon. Not only will you taste the spiciness of the rye along with the sweet notes from the wine barrels, but you’ll also taste strong caramel and chocolate overtones, giving it a velvety, well-balanced finish.”

Plans call for Blood Oath Pact No. 3, like its predecessors, to be topped “with a custom, eco-friendly natural cork, sealed and labeled with certificate-style paper stock signed by John Rempe. Each bottle of Blood Oath Pact No. 3 will be sold in a commemorative fire-branded wooden box” as well.

This bourbon is bottled at 98.6 proof, and limited edition in release with only around 30,000 bottles heading to store shelves. Price wise, expect to spend around $100 should you seek one of these out. Official tasting notes for it are below from Luxco:

  • Appearance: Deep dark amber with long legs
  • Aroma: Caramel, vanilla, stone fruit, cocoa, oak.
  • Palate: Caramel, vanilla, creamy smooth from the barrel finish, toasted oak, apricots, higher spice than the previous pacts but still ultra-smooth for the proof.
  • Finish: Long lingering spice, balanced and surprisingly-smooth at this high proof, with lasting caramel and oak.
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