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Black Button Four Grain Bourbon Latest NY Craft Whiskey

Black Button Four Grain BourbonNew York-based craft distillery Black Button Distilling, hot on the heels of its recent Bespoke Bourbon Cream release, is set to bring to market later this month what it is calling its “signature product.” Known as Four Grain Bourbon, this “grain to glass” whiskey is very much an in-state product.

Black Button Four Grain Bourbon, according to the distillery, has a mashbill which consists of 60% corn, 20% wheat, 9% rye and 11% barley. All of these grains are said to be New York State grown from the same farm, having then been brought to the distillery’s silos, where they are mashed, fermented, distilled and aged in American white oak barrels “for as long as necessary to make great tasting bourbon.”

Age statement wise, Black Button noted this first release of its whiskey spent between 14 to 26 months in barrel, resulting in a self-described “complex bourbon with a hint of spice.” It is set to price around $50 per 750 ml bottle when it debuts.

“My interest in distilled spirits grew over the years and when the chance to learn to distill came along,” said Black Button owner Jason Barrett in a statement, “I jumped at it. When it came time to sell my house, leave my job and move back to my hometown to start Rochester’s first grain to glass distillery since prohibition, it seemed like destiny. How could I not take this chance, start this journey, follow this path that I had spent years crafting?”

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