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Black Button Bespoke Bourbon Cream Readies Us For Fall

Black Button Bespoke Bourbon CreamWhiskey and cream seem to be such a natural fit together, at least for distilleries looking to create new products to lure your dollars into their coffers. We’ve seen of late Scotch whisky and bourbon based cream offerings, and now another of the latter type is set to debut later this month from a craft distillery out of New York.

Black Button Distilling said it is set to launch its new Black Button Bespoke Bourbon Cream bottling, describing it as “the only farm fresh, New York State bourbon cream around.” Whiskey cream drinks are typically defined by Irish cream expressions, but in the case of Bespoke it reportedly “features a richer feel and bolder vanillin and caramel flavors, making it an invigorating spirit that can stand alone, be added to your favorite coffee or used in a cocktail.”

The Bespoke Bourbon Cream is said to already have gotten some attention from spirits judges, netting itself a silver medal in the cream whiskey category at the recent North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition. There was no immediate mention of price.

“We can’t wait for our friends and fans to taste the newest edition to the Black Button line of spirits,” said said Jason Barrett, owner and head distiller of Black Button Distilling, in a statement. “It’s a fantastic spirit for the fall, for the holiday season – and for all year round.”

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