Barrell Bourbon Batch 009 Rolls In As 13-Year-Old Whiskey

| October 14, 2016

Barrell Bourbon is yet again showcasing why it is one of the better non-distilling producers of American whiskey out there. Given that similarly operated High West recently sold to Constellation for nearly $160 million, one has to wonder if Barrell will see similar courting over time. In the meanwhile, we bring you word of Barrell Bourbon Batch 009.

Barrell Bourbon Batch 009, according to those behind the brand, is a straight bourbon whiskey distilled and aged in Kentucky and Tennessee. It is a 13-year-old whiskey, which saw its aging time in good old char #4 American white oak barrels. It was bottled in Kentucky at a healthy 112.1 proof.

Barrell Bourbon Batch 009

image via Barrell Bourbon

This is a majority corn mash bill (74%), backed up by some rye (18%) and a bit of malted barley (7%). Limited official tasting notes are below and, as for price, it should cost somewhere around $80, depending upon where you purchase it.

Caramelized plantains in the nose carry molasses and palate drying quince marmalade.  Further sips bring surprisingly tropical fruit flavors of toasted coconut and dried mango mingling with luscious marshmallow s’mores, almond butter, and saddle leather.  Deep crimson Rainier cherries pervade.  The charred grapefruit and warm panela finish make each sip of #009 a vacation.

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