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AM-PM Coffee Bourbon Debuts Out Of Tennessee

A new coffee-flavored bourbon recently debuted, aiming to make a splash in the liquor industry.

AM-PM Coffee Bourbon is a 4-year aged straight bourbon whiskey. Its owner is Jeff Johnson, a native and Tennessee restaurateur. He started developing a coffee company over the past few years which led to coffee pairing and coffee cocktails. Johnson sourced fair trade coffee beans to create his bourbon whiskey and infused it with Madagascar vanilla beans, pure cane sugar and 100% Arabica beans.

“I feel fortunate to be in the restaurant, coffee and the bourbon business” Johnson said in a prepared statement. “You can enjoy AM-PM on the rocks, in your favorite cocktail, or straight. We were trying to create a product a consumer would want to wake up to and enjoy in the morning or at night.”

AM-PM Coffee Bourbon
AM-PM Coffee Bourbon (image via AM-PM Coffee Bourbon)

Technical details of this flavored bourbon indicate it to be aged a minimum of three years at a distillery in Tennessee. It sports a mash bill of 80% corn, 10% rye and 10% malted barley. It is bottled at 86 proof and unfiltered, having been steeped for 20 hours with the ingredients previously mentioned.

AM-PM Coffee Bourbon prices around $30, and you’ll find official tasting notes below.

  • NOSE Fresh Roast Coffee, Toasted Caramel, Light Oak
  • BODY Viscous
  • TASTE Vanilla, Allspice, Apricot, and Pear
  • FINISH Vanilla, and Caramel fade into a Smooth Clean Finish of Light Roast Coffee
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