A. Smith Bowman Distillery Debuts Double Barrel Bourbon

44827_597512173658277_1358064779_nVirginia-based A. Smith Bowman Distillery last year unveiled a limited edition Gingerbread Beer Finished Bourbon that looked quite tasty. It is now kicking off the first in its line up of 2014 limited releases in the form of a new double barreled offering.

Known as Abraham Bowman Limited Edition Double Barrel Bourbon, it was first put into barrel in December, 2006 before being transferred to new barrels in April, 2013. It was aged an additional six months in the distillery’s standard Warehouse (A1) before then being “moved to the mezzanine of Warehouse K, and aged for an additional 5 months. The mezzanine allow[ed] for increased air flow around the barrels while also allowing the barrels to receive more scrutiny” from the distiller. All total it was aged seven years and two months.

What’s resulted is what’s described as a non-chill filtered “bourbon lover’s bourbon” that was bottled at 100 proof and prices around $70. Tasting notes from the distillery indicate a deep copper color spirit that has a nose that “opens up with honey and vanilla, giving way to baked apple and pear notes. Sweet caramel, brown sugar, and brown spice round out the nose.”

It then goes to being “smooth and sweet in the mouth, with a pleasant marriage of spice, vanilla, and toasty oak flavors that linger delicately on the palate.”