A Sip of Knowledge with Andrew Wiehebrink (A Spirited Conversation)

Topic: A Sip of Knowledge with Andrew Wiehebrink of Independent Stave Company

Hosts: Liz Rhoades, Lew Bryson, & Martin Duffy

What You’ll Learn: Join a trio of drink industry veterans in weekly conversation on whiskey, spirits, distilling, marketing and the current state of the drink industry. This week, Andrew Wiehebrink of Independent Stave Company joins the group.

About Andrew Wiehebrink:

As Director of Spirit Research & Innovation, Andrew works closely with Independent Stave Company’s distilling customers to push the envelope of what is possible in the world of spirits production. In addition to creating and testing new products, Andrew designs experiments and conducts research to advance the understanding of whiskey maturation, barrel performance, and alternative barrel construction.

About the Hosts: 

  • Lew Bryson, former managing editor for Whisky Advocate Magazine for 20 years, whiskey author, beer/whiskey writer and presenter.