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A Nicolas Cage Bourbon Brand Said To Be In The Works

Movie icon Nicolas Cage is reportedly heading into the bourbon business.

According to a report from The Sun, the Oscar-winning actor recently trademarked the name “Nick Cage” for a new bourbon brand.

The report in The Sun quoted a source, saying “Nic is a whisky and bourbon man and is branching out into that … he has great taste, so this will be good stuff.”

Nick Cage bourbon
Movie icon Nicolas Cage is reportedly heading into the bourbon business. (image via International Labour Organization/Flickr via Creative Commons licensing)

A quick check of the United States Patent and Trademark Office website reveals under serial number 97663260 that, on November 4th of last year, a trademark was indeed filed for “Nick Cage” in the category of bourbon, distilled spirits.

Cage received his first Oscar for acting in the movie Leaving Las Vegas, and the director, Mike Figgis, said then that Cage prepared for the role to play an alcoholic screenwriter by “getting plastered.”

“He wanted to do the entire film drunk,” Figgis said, according to the story in The Telegraph.

And there was a report that in Las Vegas back in 2021, people mistook Cage for a homeless man when he was kicked out of a restaurant after appearing to drink too much whiskey and argue with staff.

Celebrities are no strangers to their own booze brands of late, with the likes of Terry Bradshaw, Metallica, Matthew McConaughey, and Bob Dylan putting their names to whiskey brands.

Reports from The Sun and The Telegraph contributed to this article.

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