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A New Bourbon For The Finer Times Of Those Rough And Tumble Days

By Nino Marchetti / October 9, 2014

bib-tucker35 Maple Street Spirits is a spirits company who has deep ties to one of the preeminent wine making families in California. Owned by August Sebastiani, it is known for offering to consumers quality liquor with unique back stories. Its latest find is a small batch bourbon said to be inspired by the rough and tumble early days of America.

Born in Tennessee and aged for six years, Bib & Tucker Bourbon is a small batch bourbon that has received multiple accolades including 90 points from Wine Enthusiast and 96 points from The Tasting Panel.

The name Bib & Tucker reflects a throwback to eighteen hundred’s American lingo when the words “Bib & Tucker” were used to describe one’s finest attire. The design of the bottle is a nod to this era, taking the shape of an enlarged flask with ornate hand-lettering and deeply embossed embellishments.

The brand juxtaposes rugged American old-time values with refinement, resulting in a bourbon appropriate for special occasions, whether that is a casual night with good friends or a formal dinner party. It retails for $55.