291 Colorado Whiskey Announces Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch #3

| June 24, 2022

Part of of its annual summer release season, the whiskey makers at 291 Colorado Whiskey recently released 291 Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch #3.

This expression was matured in deep-charred, new American white oak barrels, and the limited-edition, barrel select release comes from whiskey harvested at five, four and two years.

In a prepared statement from 291, Head distiller Eric Jett said, “Batch #3 of our 291 Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey strikes the perfect balance between spicy and sweet.”

291 Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Batch #3)

291 Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Batch #3) (image via 291 Colorado Whiskey)

The distiller said the aroma is full of graham crackers, heavy on cinnamon, cloves, and white pepper. “But this spice is equally met with dried cherries and cacao powder, along with a touch of earthy rooibos tea and fresh pine sap. It’s an aroma that continues to surprise and entice as more time is spent with it,” Jett noted.

He explained that the palate shares many of the same qualities as the nose, but with fire roasted oranges joining the mix. The cacao powder from the nose transforms into a subtle chocolate syrup on the palate. Cinnamon, oak, and citrus linger on the finish.

Batch #3 clocks in at 133.4 proof. Most of this whiskey will be sold at the 291 Tasting Room in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and a few select retailers. The special release has a suggested retail price of $199.

Distiller’s notes:

291 Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Aspen Wood Staves Batch #3

  • 447 bottles
  • 133.4 Proof / 66.7% ABV
  • Spice notes of cinnamon graham crackers, cloves, white pepper and sweet notes of cacao powder. Wood notes of oak and pine. Fruit notes of dried cherries and roasted oranges. Earthy flavor of rooibos tea.
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291 Colorado Whiskey is the passion project of a former New York City fashion photographer and was first created in a small basement from a still made from old copper photographic plates. 291 is grain-to-barrel-to-bottle, and the distillery’s whiskeys are finished with toasted staves of Colorado aspen trees.

For more information, check out www.distillery291.com.


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