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1792 Full Proof Bourbon Is Exactly That, All 125 Proof of it

By Nino Marchetti / May 24, 2016

1792 Full Proof BourbonThere is much afoot these days at the Barton 1792 distillery in Kentucky, chief of which is the recent announcement of the retirement of their current master distiller Ken Pierce. Though no immediate successor has been named, the never-ending cycle of bourbon releases goes on nonetheless, with the latest being a hearty bourbon called 1792 Full Proof Bourbon which is, as the name implies, uncut from when it laid in barrel.

1792 Full Proof Bourbon, according to the distillery, was laid down in new oak barrels with 125 proof distillate in fall, 2007. The barrels were placed in Barton’s Warehouses E, N, and I for eight and a half years. All of these warehouses are seven stories high, metal clad, with concrete bottom floors, and windows all the way around the outside, allowing some direct sunlight inside.

After the barrels were emptied, the bourbon underwent what’s described as a “distinct filtering process, forgoing the typical chill filtration, and instead was only passed through a plate and frame filter. This allowed the bourbon to maintain the proof it was originally put into barrel with.”

1792’s latest bourbon, of which we have official limited tasting notes below, is available starting this month for around $45. It joins a slew of other limited edition releases in recent times from Barton, including Sweet Wheat, Port Finish, and Single Barrel Bourbons. It is said Full Proof will continue to be released annually for the next few years.

The aroma is powerful – with vanilla and dried cherries notes. The first taste is intense as it meets the tongue, oaky and full bodied, but continues with flavors of caramel and jam-like fruit, before an enduring finish.


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