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Bourbon Pursuit Podcast #50: Ray Perryman, Liquor Barn

Ray Perryman (@LBSpringHurst), Spirits Manager at Liquor Barn (@LiquorBarn) in Louisville, shares an insider view to carrying over 400 bourbon and whiskeys, how to deal with the allocated ones, and keeping transparency.

Liquor barn
Bourbon at a Liquor Barn (image via Liquor Barn)
  • We open up a Van Winkle Rye 13 Year to start the show
  • Ray, I know you’re a beer guy but do you enjoy the brown water?
  • How did you get into bourbon?
  • What is Liquor Barn for all those outside of Louisville?
  • What’s the day in the life of a spirits manager like?
  • You came into the Springhurst location and you said it was in dire need of a shakeup. What have you done to increase interest?
  • Talk about the Tasting Bar
  • How do you all deal with releasing rare bourbons
  • Talk about Flat Boat Bourbon

Bourbon Pursuit

Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil host the Bourbon Pursuit podcast from Louisville, KY. Together, they share a passion for the stories that made an industry flourish with a focus on history, personality, and of course, great bourbon. Their guests include master distillers, bloggers, historians, local events and more.

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