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Year End Sees Anticipated Release Of Pursuit United Rye

Pursuit Spirits, founded by the creators of the podcast Bourbon Pursuit (a content partner of The Whiskey Wash), recently released their second major brand extension, Pursuit United Rye.

The new blend marries three mashbills from two different distilleries to create a completely new rye whiskey. The inaugural release has 2,076 bottles that clock in at 108 proof and comes with a price tag of $65 per bottle.

Following in the same footsteps as the Pursuit United bourbon, Pursuit United Rye looks to showcase the small batch blend of straight rye whiskeys which uses three different mashbills from two states. One blend comes from Bardstown Bourbon Company and the other two come from Sagamore Spirit.

Pursuit United Rye
Pursuit United Rye (image via Pursuit Spirits)

“Creating the blend using Kentucky and Maryland rye whiskey was a way to pay homage to two historically significant rye whiskey producing states,” said Kenny Coleman, co-founder of Pursuit Spirits, in a prepared statement. “All of the whiskey in the blend was produced at each respective distillery to create a rye flavor profile that hadn’t been discovered.”

The Pursuit Rye uses Sagamore’s 52% rye, 43% corn, and 5% malted barley mash bill, which provides a more bourbon-like characteristic.

“We wanted to create a rye that wasn’t traditional and spoke more to bourbon consumers,” said Ryan Cecil, Co-founder of Pursuit Spirits. “We also added in Sagamore Spirit and Bardstown Bourbon Company’s 95% rye, 5% malted barley mashbills to add familiar rye flavors. What you’re left with are notes of brown sugar, baked cinnamon on green apples, and finishes with a hint of citrus flavor followed by mint, tea, and Cloves.”

Pursuit United Rye is available on a limited basis in CO, GA, IL, KY, TX. Pursuit United Rye will continue to be a yearly limited release. You can find out more at

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