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Whiskey Review: Texas Silver Star Spirit Whiskey

Texas Silver Star Spirit Whiskey is one of those whiskies that obscures where the product comes from and where it’s distilled with some romantic marketing bullhonkey. I would copy the story on the label about how each bottle is dedicated to the brave cowboys of the Chisholm Trail…but do you really want to know that?

Here’s something useful: It’ll run you about $37.

We do know that Texas Silver Star is distilled from a mash of corn, barley, and rye and aged in new, charred American white oak barrels for 2 ½ half years. It’s 80 proof and 20 percent grain-neutral spirits, which qualifies into that weird category called spirit whiskey. But we don’t know the state it was distilled in, and some make a big deal about it. I’m no lawyer or professional liquor marketer, but why not disclose this? I really don’t understand.

But hey, let’s share the awards it’s won, shall we? According to their website, Texas Silver Star has won “multiple international awards, including a double gold medal and Best in Class award.” I would try to get you some more specifics but their website kept expiring on me during multiple attempts and multiple IP addresses. So…there’s that.

Anyhooooo. Let’s go to the glass and get to the (mystery) meat of the matter!

Texas Silver Star Spirit Whiskey

image via Trinity River Distillery

Tasting Notes: Texas Silver Star Spirit Whiskey

Appearance: Have you ever been to a bar and asked for ginger ale and they didn’t have it, but mixed coke and 7-up from the soda gun to try and make it? It looks like that. Very, very light. It’s not all that much lighter than white dog. This was really aged 2.5 years? Where, in test tubes fronting a window?

Nose: At first whiff, also very light. No complexity or strength. Eventually I pick up grain alcohol, some orange pith, lemon zest. My co-taster commented, “It smells like someone standing near me drank whiskey about five minutes ago.”

Palate: In addition to looking like ersatz ginger ale, it tastes like it, too. It tastes like a watered-down bourbon and ginger. It’s not bad, it’s just like…nothing is there. It seems like something should be there, like there should be some taste, something to stand on and have an opinion about, but it’s not. It’s wispy. It’s like.. ghost whiskey. Boo!


The Texas Silver Star bills itself as whiskey, but really it tastes like someone dropped a shot of whiskey into a bottle of vodka. If this is the whiskey your roommate drinks, and you take a few shots out of it and replace it with water,* no one will notice.

(*Not sanctioned by this site.)



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