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Vote These Craft Whiskey Makers To Glory In The Martha Stewart American Made Awards

American made whiskey. We all know what that means, but celebrating the craft behind it is something we sometimes take for granted as we open a bottle of our favorite bourbon and enjoy a glass. A lot of hard work and careful thought likely went into that fine spirit you are tasting, and one way you can honor that made in the USA whiskey in front of you is by voting for your favorite distillery in the Martha Stewart American Made awards for 2014.


You get six votes per day through October 13 to help name the Martha Stewart Audience Choice Award winner. The list of craft whiskey maker finalists is a good cross section of some of the best out there today. Below are the finalists to take note of, including a small description of each as mentioned on the Martha Stewart website. Good luck to each and every one!

  • 2Bar Spirits – “2bar Spirits is a 100% grain-to-glass distillery producing vodka, moonshine and bourbon. Everything is made onsite from all local grains.”
  • Cooperstown Distillery – “Small batch artisanal farm micro-distillery in bucolic Cooperstown, N.Y. home of the Baseball Hall of Fame and James Fenimore Cooper.”
  • Few Spirits – “Few Spirits is a grain-to-glass distillery making whiskey and gin from scratch using local ingredients, including hops grown in my backyard.”
  • Journeyman Distillery – “We are a USDA, MOSA, and Kosher certified organic whiskey and spirits distillery in the small town of Three Oaks, Michigan.”
  • Koval Distillery – “Koval not only produces award winning organic spirits, its founders are the leading consultants for the entire craft spirits industry.”
  • White Pike Whiskey – “White Pike Whiskey is whiskey aged 18min made in upstate NY from artisanal ingredients. Mixes in ways brown whiskey won’t. Your Daytime Whiskey.”