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Veteran Owned Brand Hooten & Young Drops A 12 Year American Whiskey

Veteran owned brands often give soldiers that return from serving in the military a place to focus their energies as they try to settle into whatever their new normal looks like. For some this means coming into the whiskey world, such as we’ve seen with the highly successful and popular American Freedom Distillery. Now another, Hooten & Young, has joined in as well with its own American whiskey.

The recently released Hooten & Young American Whiskey, according to those behind it, is the idea of a lifestyle brand formed by former Special Operations Soldier Master Sgt. Norm Hooten and his friend Tim Young. Hooten is notably known in the public light for his portrayal by Eric Bana in the film Black Hawk Down. Though retired from active military duty, “he continues to work with veterans today as a full-time health care provider.”

Hooten & Young American Whiskey
Hooten & Young American Whiskey (image via Hooten & Young)

As for the whiskey itself, it was created to “honor the brave men and women of the armed forces.” Said to have been “discovered” by one Master Sommelier George Miliotes, the sourced expression is aged 12 years and made with a mash bill of 99% corn and 1% barley. The spirit was distilled to 189 proof and barreled at 140 proof. The whiskey was then bottled at 92 proof from second fill barrels.

“Hooten Young was crafted to help folks slow down, bond with the people around them and remember those who are no longer here,” Hooten Young President, Norm Hooten, said in a prepared statement. “Our mission is simple, we are committed to honoring America’s heroes one thought-provoking sip at a time.”

“It’s been an honor to assist Norm and Tim to create a whiskey that is evocative of their background and seeks to honor America’s heroes,” Miliotes added. “The uniqueness of our whiskey can be attributed to the 12 years of aging, as well as the second fill barrels instead of using the first fill. You can’t fake aged whiskey, much like you can’t claim wines are from old vines if they are new.

“Being able to find this aged American whiskey that is relaxed and different brings something new to an overcrowded whiskey market. After countless hours blending, evaluating proofs and tasting, we are thrilled with the final product.”

Hooten & Young American Whiskey seems to be pricing around $90 per 750 ml bottle. As a side note, the brand let it be known that “a portion of profits are donated to charities supporting veterans.”

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