Two James Catcher’s Rye Whiskey a True Michigan Original

Two James Catcher's RyeTwo James Spirits is a small distillery located in the once-mighty American city of Detroit, Michigan. It is the first licensed whiskey maker to open there since Prohibition, and it is part of a movement to breathe life back into Motor City. There seems to be some exciting whiskies coming from this distilling team, the latest of which is the Two James Catcher’s Rye.

Two James Catcher’s Rye is a 100 percent rye whiskey, meaning it was distilled from 100% Michigan rye and “pure water from the Great Lakes.” I sometimes like to let the distillery folks tell the story themselves, so here’s information sent to us by them upon request to talk more about this whiskey:

We started distilling our Catcher’s Rye back in the spring of 2013 on our 500-gallon custom-made Vendome copper pot still, which was crafted for Two James in Louisville, Kentucky. Every drop of rye distillate that comes off our still is made from rye grain grown in the unique and fertile soil of Michigan. We formed a relationship with a local farmer, Kevin Wing from Wing Farms in Ann Arbor, who grows the majority of our rye. We also receive rye grain from a farm that we have family connections with located in the lush soil of Ludington, Michigan. We feel that the terroir of Michigan provides an incredibly delicious, complex and unique flavor profile. We look forward to developing this flavor profile that we hope becomes synonymous with Michigan and the upper-Midwest as more people have the opportunity to taste our delicious rye. 

We only bottle the hearts portion of the distillation run, discarding the heads and the tails distillate, which results in an incredibly clean and smooth tasting spirit.

Catcher’s Rye is aged in full format 53-gallon barrels, the sides are char level #4, toasted ends. Our cooperage is Independent Stave Company and most of the wood is sourced from Missouri and Minnesota. 

Mash bill is 100% Rye and it is a straight rye aged for a minimum of 2 years. 98.8 Proof. There are delicious spice notes and a unique and inviting fig finish.

Sound like a whiskey you would like to try? That’s good to hear, because it looks as if there are a few places online now from which you can purchase it. It is pricing around $60.


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