Twelve Five Rye A New Original Recipe Craft Rye Offering

125ryeDescribing itself as a supplier of craft distilled spirits, California-based Congenial Spirits earlier this month debuted an original recipe, aged a minimum of two years in charred American oak barrels rye whiskey called Twelve Five Rye. It was produced in cooperation with Iowa-based Cedar Ridge, which is a personal favorite of mine for its range of craft whiskies.

Twelve Five Rye is named as such “for the eponymous day that prohibition was lifted by Franklin D. Roosevelt: December 5, 1933.” It comes in a vintage bottle design that’s said to be a nod to medicinal whiskey containers from that era, and was put into these bottles at 95 proof.

This new amber-colored rye whiskey sports a mash bill comprised of a blend of 70% rye, 15% malted barley and 15% corn that was locally sourced by Cedar Ridge. It is considered a limited edition bottling that is particularly being targeted as a liquor that goes good with cocktails. To that end, a PDF with recipes is embedded below for your consideration as well as tasting notes from Congenial.

The spirit marries a smooth body and tasting notes of vanilla, toffee and spice. The aroma is rich with spice giving way to smooth character on the first sip, followed by a velvety finish. A complex whiskey, it has a strong bite of rye with a hint of caramel and peppery wooded notes.

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