This New Organic Single Malt Whiskey Out Of California A Preview Of Great Things To Come

wayward-maltVenus Spirits is one of those interesting craft distilleries formed on the idea of a single individual with a lot of drive. One Sean Venus, long having an interest in craft brewing and organic foods, moved into distilling in 2012 with the idea to produce a range of organic spirits, including small batch whiskies. Having successfully crowdsourced funds to help build his tasting room, and already having released a gin and blue agave spirit, Venus has now moved into his first batch of whiskey in the form of a single malt.

Wayward Single Malt Whiskey, as it is called, was double distilled on Venus Spirits’ hand-pounded, copper Alembic still imported from Spain from a mash bill of organic two row, organic crystal malt. It was then barrel aged in the distillery’s “ocean air tempered rickhouse in 10 gallon … American charred oak barrels” at its location in Santa Cruz, California before being bottled at 46% ABV.

This first batch of Venus Spirits’ Wayward whiskey should be available in limited supply at least in the San Francisco Bay Area for the moment until it sells out. I know, for example, that the retailer Bitters + Bottles recently had some 750 ml bottles in stock for around $50. Further whiskey releases, including a bourbon and rye, are planned for later this year. I’m predicting great things for the folks over at Venus and look forward to seeing their other craft whiskey unveilings.

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