The Mobile Suitcase Bar Will Bring Out Your Inner Whiskey Geek Big Time

| January 22, 2015

This is a real conundrum, this is the struggle.   It’s Friday evening, my phone pops up a Facebook notification: BEN’S 5’TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY HO-DOWN.   Oh yeah that’s tonight.  I guess I should emerge from the doldrums and make a social attempt.   I’ve got to iron that shirt though, I  think to myself.  Anyways, I end up making the effort.

Fast forward to the door being opened upon my knock. “Ben, it’s been a minute, good to see ya’ man,” I say.  Commence bro embrace.

“John, let’s get a drink my friend.” A sincere reply.

“Yes, PLEASE,” I beg. The social anxiety of a holiday-party already has my alcoholism roaring into 5th gear.

We head to the house bar.  “I’ve got Seagrams, or some Skyy Cranberries,”  he sheepishly admits.

Eeeeerrrrrrhhhh. That’s the brakes horrendously screech-locking from 5th gear to zero. That’s a semi to flaccid in 2.5.  I graciously accept the Seagrams neat and barf in my mouth a little bit.  On the bright side there is enough juice – plastic gallon and all.   I slink into the corner, warm caramel-colored-Canadian neutral spirit in hand, next to a quirky-cute librarian named Laura.   I  state how horrendous the weather in Austin has been – 35F and drizzling.  She’s from Minneapolis.  Fail in every direction. Welcome to a holiday party.

OK, that’s the acutely disturbing preface. Welp, not anymore folks. Spirit enthusiasts of the world unite: We welcomely accept The Traveling Pub, and their beautiful Mobile Suitcase Bar.


Let’s try this again, complete with Mobile Suitcase Bar.

Door opens. “Ben, good to see you man,” I enthusiastically roar.   I warmed up at my house before coming over fashionably late.

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“Likewise.”  Ben looks down. “Whoa, whaddya’ got there buddy,” in a fine Tennessee twang.

“Mobile Suitcase Bar from The Traveling Pub. They have this dope Etsy store; custom make these out of Las Cruces, NM. Let’s go check it out.”  I’m glowing over this.

“Deal.” A fire sparks in his eyes. We’re both bartenders in a prior life and total liquor junkies. As we head to the house bar, Ben has a stride in his step. And so do I. People are clearing the way, taking notice. Who is this special guest that has arrived? What is he carrying? And why is he so dashing?

I prop the leather-bound case upright, snap the clasps open and reveal its glorious contents. Party-goers start to gather round. On the left, starting at the top, a pull out drawer with a bar spoon and some various other bar essentials. Below, from left to right: Buffalo Trace Bourbon, an all around favorite, good base for cocktails, straight sippin’, or nerding out on the flagship product from America’s oldest whiskey distillery; Martin Miller Gin for those that want berries with their vodka; Pierre Ferrand Cognac.


I glance over to Laura letting a wow slip under her breath.

And on the right: some more barware; a Hawthorne strainer; shaker tins; some glassware, specifically some fine Old-Fashioned glasses (personal go-to). And, good ol’ William Larue Weller, 2013. This is one of the holy-grails of whiskey which quickly disappeared after it’s release.  And for a seasoned palate, I might add, bottled at 68.1%.    “Yup, had to fight off a damn Grizzly Bear for that one. Swear, he was 11 feet tall standing on all fours.” I assert.   Laura gasps. Shakes her head. Some golden strands of hair fall from her bun, which she quickly tries to put back in.  I reassuringly blurt out: “Don’t worry Laura, I’ll be taking that bun out later.” I get a bundle of awkward laughter throughout the room. She blushes, flashes a guilty smile, cementing that unforgettable first moment. I meanwhile have no idea where that sudden burst of egoism and essential male confidence came from. Oh yeah, it’s from The Mobile Suitcase Bar.

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So moral of the story is don’t ruin you’re Friday night, you’re gratuitous Instagram check-in at a Holiday Party, or your chance with Laura. Get the Mobile Suitcase Bar, stock it wisely, and turn that party up from Bunk to Drunk.

Price: Varies on custom orders. Product shown is $875 + S&H (avg. $40).  Which, if Laura were an escort in Vegas, I gladly would have paid for one night.

About the Bar: Leather, metal, wood. Again, you can order the arranged layout or customize to your desire.  If you customize: go black.  You’ll never go back.

Editor’s Note: Yup, if you hadn’t guessed it, we love this little liquor accessory. Hence the long ass write up. Don’t say we don’t try to entertain you. BTW, all images are via TheTravelingPub.

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