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Tennessee Whiskey Trail Debuts To Make You A More Organized Drinker

By Nino Marchetti / June 20, 2017

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail has long been the gold standard when it comes to American whiskey adventures which have you wander from one distillery to another to sip their whiskeys, all the while gathering stamps in a passport to mark your journeys. Tennessee distilleries want to remind you, however, they are a force to be reckoned with as well, and have now launched their own trail and passport program to help you meander through their whiskey-laden countryside.

The new Tennessee Whiskey Trail, according to those behind it, encompasses 25 Tennessee distilleries that are spread across the state. All of these are members of the Tennessee Distillers Guild, so there are some which are not on the trail technically since they don’t belong to the trade group currently. It is still plenty to explore, however, as you’ll range from boutique-sized distilleries to large internationally-recognized operations such as Jack Daniels and George Dickel.

Tennessee Whiskey Trail

Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery (image via Tennessee Distillers Guild)

How the Trail works, much like the one in Kentucky, is that you acquire a passport booklet, either online or at select distilleries, and then collect stamps at each distillery en route. Once all 25 stamps have been acquired, one gets a commemorative gift to mark their achievement, as well as having their name listed on the Trail website. There is also a digital passport available through an app for select smartphones.

Tennessee Whiskey Trail

What the physical passport looks like (image via Tennessee Distillers Guild)

It is not required you finish all the distilleries within a certain time frame apparently, and one does not need to start at a specific distillery, city or location to kick off exploring the Trail. Those that want to knock it out in one booze filled odyssey, however, can follow a suggested 10-day itinerary “that will help maximize your time with visiting all of the distilleries and enjoying the sights along the way.”

“The Tennessee Whiskey Trail is a joint effort by all of our Guild members to feature Tennessee whiskey and moonshine, as well as the craftsmen and women that make them,” said Kris Tatum, president of the Tennessee Distillers Guild, in a prepared statement. “On the Trail, visitors can learn about the art of distilling and about the history and the culture of whiskey-making that is legendary in our state.”

This Trail puts an international spotlight on Tennessee and its whiskey culture. We hope to see people come from all over the world to just to get a taste of this once-in-a-lifetime Tennessee whiskey experience.”