Templeton Rye Special Reserve Drops As 10-Year-Old Whiskey In Wooden Box

| November 3, 2016

Templeton Rye Special Reserve Love them or hate them, you have to be impressed with the folks over at Templeton Rye these days. As they leave the labeling practices lawsuit in the rear view mirror, the non-distilling producer has had itself a busy 2016 so far. They revealed a 6-year-old rye whiskey, still sourced, earlier this year, and more recently word arose of plans for their own real life distillery in Iowa where their own in-house whiskey would be made.

How do you then top all of this? Release into the market a limited edition, 10-year-old expression known as Templeton Rye Special Reserve.

Templeton Rye Special Reserve is being positioned by those behind it as a special one-off release celebrating the brand’s 10 years of doing business in its home state. It is not that immediately clear how different this might be from the standard release, except for the fact it is significantly older, which in of itself will have some impact on the regular tasting profile.

The whiskey, which will likely become a collector’s item for some, is being made available in a special commemorative box and is hand-numbered. Only 6,800 bottles of it will be out at retail for purchase and as for the price, well, it is clocking in at around $150 a bottle!

Now whether or not you are willing to pony that much up for one of these is hard to say. I’ll leave the judgement out of this news story – wait for our review in a few weeks to see if we think it is worthy of the cash. In the meanwhile, you’ll find some limited official tasting notes from Templeton Rye below for your consideration.

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