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Stranahan’s Releases Distillery Exclusive Añejo Cask Single Malt

And now for something completely different, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is releasing a new American Single Malt matured in extra añejo tequila barrels.

To be exact, Stranahan’s Añejo Cask comes from a marriage of six to nine-year-old whiskey, with up to two and a half years spent in casks that previously held what’s described as the prized Reserva de Familia tequila blended from José Cuervo family reserves.

In a statement from Stranahan’s, the distiller noted that this unique cask finish adds a bright, layered flavor to the final product. On the nose, the Añejo Cask has peppery and floral aromas, layered with butterscotch. The palate features herbal notes, with salted caramel and a mellow oak backbone. Its creamy finish fades into light agave sugar.

Stranahan's Anejo Cask
Stranahan’s Anejo Cask (image via Stranahan’s)

The Añejo Cask is the latest in Stranahan’s limited-edition series of Distillery Exclusives that use what’s called unique finishing techniques and highlight the innovation within the American Single Malt category.

The Añejo Cask is distilled from 100-percent malted barley and handmade in small batches at Stranahan’s distillery in Colorado. The single malt is initially aged in virgin American oak barrels with #3 char. It’s then cut to 90 proof with Rocky Mountain water from Eldorado Springs and non-chill filtered.

Available exclusively at the Denver distillery to taste and to purchase, the Añejo Cask has a suggested retail price of $69.99 for a 750ml bottle.

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