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St. George Spirits Adds A New Blended American Whiskey To Its Stable

By Nino Marchetti / October 31, 2018

Craft whiskey pioneer St. George Spirits out of California has a new whiskey on its hands to let you know about. The distillery is normally known to readers for its annual single malt release, but it also has a line up called Breaking & Entering, which blends sourced whiskeys with in-house product. For the second release in this variant it has turned to a bourbon/rye/self distilled malt whiskey combo known as Breaking & Entering American Whiskey.

St. George Breaking & Entering American Whiskey, according to those behind it, brings together into one botling individually sourced casks of rye and bourbon from select distilleries “in Kentucky and Tennessee.” These casks are brought back to the distillery by head distiller Dave Smith, where he blends them with “choice barrels” from their own in-house California malt whiskey to create the final 43% ABV expression.

St. George Breaking & Entering American Whiskey

St. George Breaking & Entering American Whiskey (image via St. George Spirits)

“As good as the sourced barrels were, it was only when I started blending them with our own malt whiskey that I realized we were onto something truly worthy of the Breaking & Entering mantle,” said Smith in a prepared statement. “Breaking & Entering American Whiskey is an evolutionary step forward for B&E, and I sincerely hope it will delight longtime fans who have been patiently awaiting its return.”

Plans call for this expression to have a wide distribution, starting in California, Arizona and Illinois. Limited official tasting notes suggest “on the nose, you’ll find toffee, candied orange peel, cinnamon, and cherry bark. On the palate, rich pecan pastry, bittersweet chocolate, fruit preserves, and spice.” It follows what was previously a bourbon blend under the Breaking & Entering label.