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Few Spirits Debuts A New Craft American Blended Whiskey

By Nino Marchetti / October 10, 2018

Craft distillery pioneer Few Spirits, helmed by founder and master distiller Paul Hletko out of Chicago, has been in the game of making grain to glass whiskies since 2011. During this time they’ve come to be known for their bourbon and rye, among other bottlings, and now are bringing the two of those together plus another element to create a new blended American bottling.

Few Spirits American Whiskey, according to those behind it, brings together the distillery’s bourbon and rye whiskeys into a blend that also has in the mix an experimental cherrywood smoked malt whiskey. This non-age statement expression is bottled at 93 proof.

Few Spirits American Whiskey

Few Spirits American Whiskey (image via Few Spirits)

“We are constantly experimenting at Few, innovating new expressions and our American Whiskey was a direct result of those efforts,” said Hletko in a prepared statement. “It all started with a unique Cherrywood-smoked Single Malt we created, which is delicious but defied category rules. We loved the flavor of this whisky and were especially blown away by how it mingled and married with our Bourbon and Rye.  That bold decision worked in our favor and from there our FEW American Whiskey was born.”

Plans call for this whiskey to price around $50 per 750 ml bottle. Limited official tasting notes suggest “a complete balance of sweet, spice, and smoke, the tasting experience is satisfying and unique. Flavors of graham cracker and honey greet the palate at first sip along with savory rye spice notes on the bottom. Tart cherry notes follow with a wisp of smoke to round out the texture, along with a subtle white pepper and honey finish.”


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