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Small D.C. Distillery Adds An Armagnac Cask Finished Bourbon

Armagnac, as far as French brandies go, is one of those spirits people typically fall deeply in love with after they are exposed to it for the first time. Used Armagnac casks from distilleries making it don’t often appear on the secondary barrel market, especially here in the United States. When they do, they often end up in the hands of whiskey distilleries such as WhistlePig and Joesph A. Magnus for finishing purposes. Another whiskey maker is now in this exclusive club via a limited release.

Republic Restoratives, according to those behind it, is noted as being Washington D.C.’s first and only women-owned distillery. Among their offerings is the Borough Bourbon line up, a series of sourced whiskeys finished in cask types such as ex-sauvignon blanc barrels. For the latest, known as Batch 3, ex-50 year old armagnac barrels were sourced and put into them for an undisclosed amount of time was a 5 year old high rye bourbon.

Official tasting notes for Borough Bourbon Batch  No. 3 are below for your consideration. The whiskey, which prices around $49, will be available at the distillery as well as “select retailers.”

Borough Bourbon Batch No. 03

Borough Bourbon Batch No. 03 (image via Republic Restoratives)

The spice and structure of the rye in the mashbill combines perfectly with the richness of the Armagnac to create a smooth finish and unparalleled experience for the senses. Borough Bourbon Batch No. 03 carries aromas of honey, marzipan, vanilla and warm leather, complemented by the tasting profiles of molasses, baking spice, chocolate, toasted flour and dried fruits.


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