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Sagamore Debuts Latest ‘Fully Maryland Distilled’ Rye Whiskey

Maryland’s Sagamore Spirit recently released its second annual Bottled in Bond Straight Rye Whiskey to market.

This 100-proof rye whiskey is made entirely at Sagamore’s Baltimore waterfront distillery and aged in new American oak barrels for five years at its nearby rickhouse.

This 2022 version of the whiskey, coming a year after the brand’s first-ever Bottled in Bond release,  blends two straight rye whiskies, one with a high-rye mash bill, the other low-rye, the same proprietary recipe Sagamore Spirit has employed since 2016.

Sagamore Spirit Bottled in Bond rye whiskey
Maryland’s Sagamore Spirit recently released its second annual Bottled in Bond Straight Rye Whiskey to market. (image via Sagamore)

As it’s a true Maryland style of rye, this Bottled in Bond is balanced with what’s described as complex flavors of rye spice, toasty caramel, and fruit and floral notes.

“Our vision of a rye whiskey fully distilled, aged and bottled in our home state of Maryland finally became a reality in 2021, but we knew our work wasn’t done,” said Brian Treacy, Sagamore Spirit’s co-founder and president, in a prepared statement.

“Bottled in Bond is a true testament to, and expression of, the place we call home … this 2022 release is aged one more year than last year’s award winner, revealing even more Maryland character with more time in the barrel,” he added.

A limited quantity of Sagamore Spirit Bottled in Bond rye whiskey is available in select markets across the country for a suggested retail price of $59.99, and also available at the brand’s Baltimore waterfront distillery while bottles last.

First-Ever Maryland-Grown Series

In addition, Sagamore Spirit’s patrons filled the distillery’s campus the morning of Saturday, Nov. 12th to purchase the first-ever release of Sagamore Spirit Penny’s Proof Maryland Grown Series.

The release, which sold out in a few hours, marked a milestone as the brand’s first 100% Maryland-distilled straight rye whiskey made entirely with local grains and aged in barrels crafted from oak trees grown across the state.

The first 597 “Whiskey Thieves” (as the brand’s fans are known) obtained a limited edition three-pack of 200ml bottles … one to sip, one to share, and one to savor. All for a penny, a nod to the distillery’s 40-foot copper column still.

Now in the series’ fourth year, Penny’s Proof releases have become an annual tradition, with past editions marking the brand’s progress to 100% distillation in Maryland. Every release has sold out within hours.

Like previous Penny’s Proof releases, this year’s 2.5-year-old edition is a preview of a fully matured whiskey to come, as the brand will release a taste of it each year until it reaches 4.5 years old.

While former releases were all distilled in Baltimore, the new Maryland Grown Series is the first to be made with all local ingredients, bringing the distillery’s grain-to-glass efforts to the forefront.

Since its beginning in 2018, the brand has developed a Maryland agriculture program focused on producing high-quality rye grain for distillation. That effort has grown to more than 200 acres in cultivation at nearby Sagamore Farm, and another 250 acres in partnership with local farmers.

The program produces more than a million pounds of rye a year and 100% of the corn used at the distillery.

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