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Rye Whiskey From New York State Gets Local Honey Treatment

By Nino Marchetti / April 2, 2014

Catskill Provisions, as the name implies, draws resources for its artisanal products mainly from upstate New York. Its founder, who is a big believer in the use of locally produced honey, recently teamed up with Finger Lakes Distilling to produce a special honey whiskey that sounds pretty amazing from the description.

Catskill Provisions New York Honey Whiskey is described as a handcrafted rye whiskey “infused with late-summer honey produced in the Northwest Catskill Mountains.” It is an 80 proof bottling with no age statement that consists of an 80% local rye/20% barley mash that was laid down in new charred American oak barrels.


What’s resulted is described as being “a smooth, wonderfully complex spirit with rich notes of toffee, vanilla and smoky spice” that has a “hint of mellow sweetness that rounds out the edges.” An interesting article that surfaced on the whiskey recently notes the founder of Catskill Provisions wanted it to be “a whiskey drinker’s drink.” How this settles with whiskey drinkers remains to be seen as not all are fans of flavored whiskies, but a recent positive review in Whisky Advocate hints this is a spirit worth trying nonetheless.

As for availability, it is floating around New York State in various liquor stores and online for at least $35 a bottle.