Redemption Whiskey Adds Some New Premium Barrel Proof Bottlings

Redemption Whiskey, owned by American spirits company Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, is one of those mid to slightly higher end non-distilling producers seeing relative success with sourced American whiskey. Earlier this year they released their first wheated bourbon, and now word from them centers around a trio of new limited edition, aged barrel proof selections.

The new Redemption Aged Barrel Proof Straight Rye: 10 Years, Redemption Aged Barrel Proof High-Rye Bourbon: 10 Years and Redemption Aged Barrel Proof Bourbon: 9 Years, according to those behind them, were all initially distilled in Indiana (MGP) and then bottled in small batches in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Redemption Whiskey Barrel Proof

General information on each indicates they were created with the same distillates and mash bills as Redemption’s core whiskies: Straight Rye (95% rye, 5% barley), Bourbon (75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley), and High Rye Bourbon (60% corn, 36% rye, 4% barley). Aged between 9-10 years in charred new oak barrels and minimally filtered, these are bottled at cask strength.

Plans call for all three bottlings to price around $100, and you’ll find a little more information, including official tasting notes, below for your consideration. Interestingly they appear in a new style bottling that’s slightly different in design then that which got them into hot water with rival Bulleit/Diageo earlier this year. It was not immediately clear if this shift will be across the product line, or just specific to these special offerings.

Redemption Aged Barrel Proof Straight Rye: 10 Years (116.2 Proof)

Tasting Notes: On the nose, aromas of dark caramel, molasses, and vanilla settle over unexpected notes of freshly cut grass and a hint of ginger. A spicy rye taste is evolved with flavors of dark chocolate, liquorice, and fennel laced together by herbs such as cardamom, black pepper, and tarragon. A long and mellow finish round out this true expression of rye.

Redemption Aged Barrel Proof High-Rye Bourbon: 10 Years (114.8 Proof)

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Tasting Notes: With a mash bill that features 36% rye, this whiskey’s silky texture is rounded out by a flavorful, spicy undertone. Smooth honey, toffee, and roasted nut flavors make their way to the forefront of the palate, while this bourbon’s finish brings exotic star anise, nutmeg, and lemongrass notes. A fragrance of rich vanilla oak, aged balsamic, and violet complete this 10-year-old expression’s flavor profile.

Redemption Aged Barrel Proof Bourbon: 9 Years (108.2 Proof)

Tasting Notes:  A smooth, smoked meat and bacon flavor is nuanced by notes of hops, white pepper spice, and wet river stone in this mellow aged bourbon. Fresh Madagascan vanilla pod, caramelized toffee, and dark roast coffee dictate the aroma of this barrel proof expression, while notes of lavender and honey bring a soft, floral scent.