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Philadelphia Distilling Tough Broad Whiskey Pays Homage To That City’s Strong Women

Philadelphia Distilling Tough Broad WhiskeyPhiladelphia Distilling, more normally known in Pennsylvania and beyond for its gins and vodkas, is set to unveil one of its first whiskies in partnership with fellow Philly outfit Yards Brewing. The two have collaborated on what’s being called Philadelphia Distilling Tough Broad Whiskey, so named in part for paying homage to the city’s “strong talented women.”

Philadelphia Distilling Tough Broad Whiskey, according to the distillery, came about as a result of them getting ready to move forward with their own whiskey production. The distillers there met with Yards Brewing, who in turn was wondering what it would be like if one of their beers was distilled. The resulting partnership created a whiskey loosely based on the Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale, a strong golden ale.

Using the ale as the “backbone” of the creation, the distillery ran it through their Forsyth’s 1500L copper pot still twice before aging it for an unmentioned amount of time in a high charred, 53-gallon new American oak barrel. The resulting whiskey, of which you can read official tasting notes on it at the end of this article, is a 90 proof offering “with beer-like flavors and aromas.”

Plans call for Philadelphia Distilling Tough Broad Whiskey, in its first release anyhow, to price around $45 per 375 ml bottle. Only 300 bottles will be available in the initial release, and only at the distillery’s new Fishtown location during a release party December 15. The name for it, by the way, is partially tied to the homage mentioned previously, particularly to the women who are “family members, friends, neighbors and some of Philadelphia’s greatest historical figures.” It also is a tribute to the city’s “underdog spirit” and Broad Street, which is one of Philly’s most iconic streets.

Look for hints of caramel, toffee, and vanilla, warm spices like cinnamon, and a little bit of wood on the nose. This is where you’ll pick up on the malt character from the beer base. Take a sip and notice those sweet, round malty flavors, a spiciness up front then wood dryness at the end.


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