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Perpetual Whiskey Project Launches New York Single Malt Whiskey

After years in the making, the Perpetual Whiskey Project recently launched their New York Single Malt Whiskey.

A statement from Clearbook Distilling, the parent company of the new whiskey brand, noted that this non-chill filtered, double cask whiskey is a blend of straight whiskey that has been aged in ex-bourbon, Sherry, and new American oak barrels. It clocks in at 91 proof.

The distiller’s notes for this single malt show that on the nose, the aroma features fruity esters, toffee, and a subtle touch of peat smokiness. On the palate, there are sweet flavors of Sherry and red wine that transition to a complex savory character with vanilla, grass and smoke flavors.

Perpetual Whiskey Project
After years in the making, the Perpetual Whiskey Project recently launched their New York Single Malt Whiskey. (image via Clearbook Distilling)

Clearbook distillers noted that American Single Malt Whiskey will soon be a new designation, as this style has gained traction with craft distilleries looking to create an elevated whiskey of note to live alongside the designations of rye and bourbon that are protected by U.S. regulation.

The Treasury Department’s Tax and Trade Bureau is set to establish a standard of identity for American Single Malt Whiskey.

The Perpetual Whiskey Project uses unique distillation methods to create their single malt, working with an Italian column still as opposed to the more conventional pot still. They use their equipment to pull unique attributes from the distilling process as well as using premium ingredients.

“We are beyond excited to introduce our newest and finest distilled whiskey,” said Scott Vaccaro, founder of the Perpetual Whiskey Project. “For years, we have been chasing the ideal whiskey profile in our head and I am pleased to say, through proper maturation and meticulous blending, our New York Single Malt is the fruition of that vision.”

Vaccaro’s work in the alcohol and beverage industry includes being the owner and master brewer of Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, founded in 2006, where he’s noted for his beer creations. He’s also the owner of  Current Spirits, a Westchester distillery making vodka, gin, and exotic canned cocktails.

“If you want to drink the whiskey of your dreams, you just have to make it yourself,” Vaccaro said, noting that it took three years of “dedication and methodology” to capture the vision of what this single malt should taste like.

McLain Cheney, distillery operations manager, said, “The Perpetual Whiskey Project is our declaration that all good things don’t have to have an end nor the need to remain the same. Each release of Perpetual Whiskey will be unique and therefore captures a special event in time. This first release of blended, single malt whiskey is that moment this endless process begins. The flavor extends far beyond the contents of the bottle and represents our expression of possibility and endless promise.”

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