Pennsylvania Whiskey Maker Wigle Gets Hoppy With New Release

wigle-hoppedA craft distillery I’ve been watching for a bit turning quality whiskey products out of Pennsylvania is Wigle Whiskey. It is known for making organic spirits from scratch with local heirloom grains, including a line of special releases that are crafted monthly using “a variety of mashes, yeasts and and pot-distillation techniques.” One of the latest in the Wigle’s Whim offerings is known as Hopped, and it was just released for around $35.

Wigle Whim Hopped is, simply put, “a wheat whiskey vapor-infused” with local hops put back in. What is vapor-infused you might ask? According to Wigle, it is

a less common distillation method, vapor-infusion helps produce a richer texture and more delicate flavor in spirits. Alcohol vapors pass through a “Gin Basket” (in this case, containing three types of hops), capturing the optimal aromatic oils from the botanicals. The alcohol vapor is then gently condensed into our Hopped Whiskey. We do not macerate the hops directly in the alcohol.

The base organic wheat whiskey was triple distilled as part of the process. Flavor wise, Wigle said “our goal with this whim was to impart as much grapefruit, floral and citrus flavor as possible from Cascade and Newport hops and a balanced amount of bitter from Centennial hops. These flavors combined with toasted and charred oak barrels, give this complex whiskey its subtle smokey and herbal flavor. “

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