Pennsylvania Goes Deeper Into Craft Whiskey With New Offering From Manatawny Still Works

| January 6, 2015

manatawny-batch01Pennsylvania of late seems to be another state emerging as a leader in the world of craft whiskey. Dad’s Hat, Bomberger’s, Thistle Finch and Wigle are just a few taking on our favorite form of spirit and now they’ve been joined recently by Manatawny Still Works with its just debuted Small Batch Whiskey Series, Batch 01.

Manatawny revealed this new whiskey back on December 5, which is noted by spirits experts as being the date marking the repeal of Prohibition, and thus a good day to debut a new liquor. What’s been unveiled to showcase this distillery’s entry into this market segment consists of, according to those behind it,

three separate distillations blended together and then barreled in late March. The mash bill consists of a mixture similar to the distillery’s J. Potts White Whiskey: 42% malt, 41% wheat, 13% oats and 4% rye. The variety of grains gives this whiskey a unique and complex flavor profile. The young whiskey was aged for 226 days in new, thirty-gallon honeycomb barrels. The honeycomb design increases the surface area of the barrel allowing more wood sugars to be dissolved quicker, and the result is an oak-forward whiskey.

Batch 01, clocking in at 94 proof, is available directly from the Manatawny’s website for around $40. Note though you have to be a resident of Pennsylvania to purchase one through this channel. It is a limited run of just 1,920 bottles and, as for tasting notes, here are some official ones courtesy of the distillery for your consideration.

“Oats and rye provide a pleasing spiciness that round out the character of Batch01, while notes of oak and smoked cherry in the nose complement nuanced pear, vanilla and new-wood flavors. Malt provides some up-front sweetness while wheat softens this spirit’s finish.”

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