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Pacific Northwest Whiskey Trail Opens Distilleries To Worldwide Audience

Seven distilleries across the Pacific Northwest, crossing international borders, have launched a pioneering new whiskey experience, the Northwest Whiskey Trail.

A statement from the Whiskey Trail’s organizers explained that the impetus for this new experience comes from Graeme Macaloney, CEO and whisky maker at Macaloney’s Island Distillery in British Columbia, Canada.

Macaloney noted that the Northwest Whiskey Trail is, in fact, an international adventure that takes visitors through British Columbia, Washington state, and into Oregon.

Northwest Whiskey Trail
Seven distilleries across the Pacific Northwest, crossing international borders, have launched a pioneering new whiskey experience, the Northwest Whiskey Trail. (image via Northwest Whiskey Trail)

The self-guided trail features seven distilleries, each with its own character and history, offering visitors a unique whiskey experience.

“We are thrilled to finally unveil the Northwest Whiskey Trail, a unique and exciting experience for whiskey lovers,” Macaloney said. “Our goal is to showcase the incredible distilleries and whiskeys found in the Pacific Northwest, and to provide a fun, educational and memorable experience for visitors. Collectively, we export our whiskeys to every continent and can’t wait for whiskey enthusiasts from around the world to come and explore this beautiful region and all it has to offer.”

The trail showcases award-winning (including World’s Best and Country Best) whiskeys in the Northwest, including those made by Westward Whiskey in Portland, OR, Copperworks Distilling and Westland Distillery in Seattle, WA, Macaloney’s Island Distillery in Victoria, B.C., Goldstream Distillery in Cowichan Valley B.C., Shelter Point Distillery in Campbell River, B.C., and Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers in Vancouver, B.C.

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore each distillery’s unique distilling process, sample their signature whiskey, and learn about the history and culture behind each brand.

“When Graeme first approached us with the idea of creating an international whiskey trail featuring like-minded craft distilleries in the Pacific Northwest, we thought it was a brilliant idea,” said Jason Parker, Copperworks Distilling president and co-owner. “We’re excited for more people to visit, learn about the distilleries, and most importantly, taste the difference between each distillery.”

The statement from the distilleries noted that the trail is a first, as it’s an international whiskey trail. And the participating distilleries collectively export to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and across North America.

Macaloney noted that the trail represents an opportunity for international single malt whisky consumers to visit the home of some of their other favorite whiskeys. A trail passport provides a trail map for navigation, and allows tourists and whiskey enthusiasts to collect stamps from each distillery. Upon completion of all seven distilleries, participants earn a complimentary, limited-edition Northwest Whiskey Trail Glencairn whiskey glass as a souvenir of their accomplishment.

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