Ole Smoky Shine Nog Is Holiday Whiskey Liqueur Candy In A Mason Jar

| November 26, 2014

Being the holidays and all, egg nog and anything related to it is one of the drinks of choice right now, especially if you spike it with a little whiskey. The Ole Smoky Distillery out of Tennessee wants to eliminate the work though for you of making a liquor-laced eggnog drink, and thus has reintroduced for another year running its extremely popular Shine Nog.


Now I’m not normally one for covering a lot of whiskey liqueur here at The Whiskey Wash, but this thing looks just too damm interesting to pass up. What you’ve got here in a 750 ml mason style jar is a drink that, according to the distillery,

is not egg based, but a cream and moonshine liqueur that makes for a smooth, easy to drink cocktail festive for the winter season.

Shine Nog is bottled at 35 proof and should be pricing for at least $20 depending upon where you can find a bottle. Ole Smoky CEO John Cochran says of it that “don’t let the bottle fool you, it’s white in color so it looks like milk.  And it tastes like cookies and cream.  Serve it ice cold, on the rocks or blended using one of our recipes.”

And, speaking of recipes, here are a few below for you to use courtesy of Ole Smoky. Here’s to some holiday cheer!

Ole Smoky Shine Nog – 1.5oz
Ole Smoky Apple Pie – 1oz
Ole Smoky Cherries Moonshine – ½oz
Shake for 3 seconds & strain up or over fresh ice in a rocks glass & finish with an Ole Smoky cherry (Optional garnish:  apple slices & a pinch of cinnamon)

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In a pint mixing glass with ice, measure:
Ole Smoky Shine Nog – 2oz
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup – 1oz
Shake for 5 seconds & strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass

In a rocks glass or tumbler filled with ice, pour:
Ole Smoky Shine Nog – 2oz
Sparkling Apple Cider – 3oz
Finish with a cinnamon stick

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