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Old Man Liver American Whiskey Calls Itself “World’s First Pandemic Born 90 Proof Spirit”

Old Man Liver American Whiskey recently announced it is launching as the self-described world’s first pandemic born 90 proof whiskey.

The new release combines the oaky flavor of fine bourbon with the smokey char of grilled meat and the peppery kick of hot sauce, according to official tasing notes, and is distilled from corn, rye, wheat and barley with an addition of Appalachian mountain water. Hand-selected white oak from Tennessee and Missouri are toasted and charred on-site at Two Trees Distilling Company before being introduced to what’s called “their proprietary whiskey aging process.”

“The orgasmically flavored alcoholic treat is a must taste!” Old Man Liver said in a prepared statement. “It’s oaky, smoky; a tiny bit spicy. It’s distinctive yet smooth and still 10 more proof than Jack. It makes a great gift for someone you love – including yourself.”

Old Man Liver American Whiskey
Old Man Liver American Whiskey (image via Old Man Liver)

The official press release describes the invention of this product as rather a story:

“Old Man Liver and his Old Lady were having a day of debauchery, their favorite pastime, drinking on Fremont Street in the neon-lit old Strip area of downtown Las Vegas. After multiple strip clubs, bars, and casinos, OML was drunk on the ground in front of a White Castle. He proclaimed his love for good old American whiskey and lamented how the drink in his hand wasn’t strong or flavorful. That’s when his Old Lady decided OML MUST have his own whiskey. After almost a year of overindulgence and trial and error in order to get the perfect flavor, OML and his Old Lady’s dream became a reality.”

Old Man Liver Whiskey retails for $38.99 for a 750ml bottle and is available through the Old Man Liver online shop. Whiskey fans can also purchase an OML & Red Menace Bundle for $47.98, as well as an OML The Essentials Bundle for $62.98. Both bundles come complete with Red Menace Premium Spice, originally created for the OML Red Menace cocktail.

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