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New Riff Introduces Malted Rye Whiskey Finished In Sherry Casks

New Riff Distilling is releasing a limited-edition Sherry Finished Malted Rye Whiskey, bottled at barrel strength and matured in Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks.

This new release continues to build on the distillery’s exploration of malted rye whiskey.

“Last year, we released our Malted Rye Whiskey, and experiencing its remarkably elegant, sophisticated character gave us another idea,” said co-founder Jay Erisman in a prepared statement. “We think of it as a malt whiskey first and a rye whiskey second, which raised the question: What would happen if we treated it like other malt whiskies and aged it in sherry casks?”

New Riff Sherry Finished Malted Rye Whiskey
New Riff Sherry Finished Malted Rye Whiskey (image via New Riff)

New Riff’s first batches of 100 percent Malted Rye Whiskey were distilled in 2014, and the initial release came out in May of 2021.

For this sherry finished expression, New Riff imported custom-made 53-gallon Spanish sherry casks and filled them with five-year-old New Riff Malted Rye Whiskey. Twelve Oloroso and three Pedro Ximenez casks were filled with whiskey and aged another year, before being vatted in the fall of 2021 and left to blend for several months until bottled in spring of 2022.

New Riff’s distiller’s notes show the Sherry Finished Malted Rye Whiskey to be bottled straight from the barrel at 112.7 proof, and it has a buttery, sherry oak nose with notes of walnut and a hint of vanilla.

The savory character has flavors of sappy sherry coupled with malty grain, followed with a late bursting finish of spices such as clove and wood spice with multicolored fruit skin.

New Riff Sherry Finished Malted Rye Whiskey is made with 100 percent malted rye grain and is aged six years, and it has a suggested retail price of $64.99. It’s limited and is available throughout portions of New Riff’s distribution area and through New Riff’s Whiskey Club.

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