New Orleans’s Atelier Vie Launching Trio Of Barrel-Aged Whiskeys

New Orleans’ distillery Atelier Vie was inspired by the Crescent City’s renowned culinary culture, and creates flavorful spirits in one of the world’s greatest drinking cities.

The whiskey maker recently announced it is set to release three new barrel-aged whiskeys for 2023, each vastly different from each other.

Atelier Vie was founded in 2011 by Jedd Haas, and the distillery is open for tastings and discussion of the distillation process by appointment. They also sell the brand’s full line of spirits during these visits.

Atelier Vie 2023 Whiskeys
New Orleans’ Atelier Vie recently announced it is set to release three new barrel-aged whiskeys for 2023, each vastly different from each other. (image via Atelier Vie)

Louisiana Single Malt Cask Strength

Atelier Vie marks a new chapter in their Louisiana whiskey tradition with a limited expression that’s their oldest and strongest whiskey to date. This release of Louisiana Single Malt is more than five years old; is a single barrel release; and is being released at cask strength.

The five-year-old Louisiana Single Malt is distilled from 100% malted barley wash and is double pot distilled and aged in oak barrels.

It went into the barrel on Nov. 30, 2017, and bottled at a cask strength of 112.7 proof on Dec. 26, 2022. The total yield was only 149 bottles. Louisiana Single Malt Cask Strength is priced at $125.

Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey

A statement from Atelier Vie notes that the many stories about “rice whiskey” being made in various parts of Asia were part of the original inspiration for this expression. Couple that with the knowledge that there’s an abundance of rice grown in Louisiana.

Atelier’s been distilling Riz for a decade now, with the first release being an unaged, clear whiskey. It since has seen more and more barrels filled, with longer aging periods.

The new release, the Riz, is a larger bottling of what they call their standard three year old expression. It’s small batch made from 100% Louisiana rice and aged in a variety of barrels.

This release was aged in a combination of five gallon and 25 gallon former whiskey barrels. It’s bottled at 90 proof and is priced at $75.

Barleycorn Magic

Atelier Vie has distilled several barrels of spirits from beer produced by brewing neighbors Zony Mash. After an initial release under a different name in late 2020, Barleycorn Magic is the second release in their series.

Barleycorn Magic is completely distilled from beer. Yet, since beer is brewed with hops, and hops are not grain, they can’t call the resulting spirit “whiskey.” This new release they refer to as a spirit distilled from grain with natural flavors.

The natural flavors, the Atelier statement explained, are the hops.

Barleycorn Magic was distilled from a medley of beers, with an assortment of “fluffy” IPA variations, which were distilled and entered into a fifteen gallon barrel; then a witbier with citrus peel and coriander, which was distilled and entered into a five gallon barrel.

The smaller barrel was aged for 14 months, while the larger barrel was aged for 28 months. After aging, the barrels were blended and brought to bottling proof.

The distiller’s notes say that some tasters have called the whiskey-like spirit “the most concentrated beer you’ll ever taste.” In all, 114 bottles were made and Barleycorn Magic clocks in at 84 proof. It’s priced at $65.

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