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New Kansas City Whiskey Gets Blended With Aged Oloroso Sherry

rieger-whiskeyTo folks in Kansas City, Missouri, pre-Prohibition days likely included taking a drink or two from one or more of the over 100 alcoholic products offered by Jacob Rieger & Company. Locally founded, the spirits brand was, like so many other liquor enterprises, done in by the now notorious “dry era” mandated by the federal government. Now some local entrepreneurs are looking to resurrect this fabled name, starting with an interesting whiskey touched by aged Oloroso sherry.

Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey, reports Kansas City Pitch, has already been well received by local bars and liquor stores. There’s a very lengthy story as well on the founding of the new J. Rieger & Co distillery over at the Kansas City Star worth a read. It is an interesting approach those behind the distillery are taking, trying to capitalize on a long extinct brand as they aim to eventually offer their own in-house distilled bourbon and rye whiskey.

For now, what’s in bottle is a mix of at least seven year old corn, malt and straight rye whiskies that have been purchased “from other distilleries” and blended with “a small amount of 15 year old Oloroso Sherry from the Williams & Humbert Bodedga in Jerez, Spain.” The reason for the sherry addition? The use of sherry in American whiskey was “commonplace in the 1800s, but was lost after prohibition,” according to the distillery.

If you choose to seek out a bottle of this interesting whiskey, expect to pay at least $30 for a 750 ml offering. Here’s one retailer I’ve found who may be able to ship it to you depending upon where you live. As for tasting notes, there’s not a lot out there at this point, except to say it is “balanced, smooth and slightly sweet.”

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