New Hudson Double Charred Whiskey Literally Went Through The Fire

| December 18, 2014

One of the foremost distilleries amongst the rapidly growing craft whiskey scene in New York State is Tuthilltown Spirits. Known in fact as one of the first legal distilleries in that state since Prohibition, Tuthilltown set up shop in the Hudson Valley region in 2005 and is famous for its line of 375 ml Hudson Whiskey products. One of the latest to join this line up is a limited edition expression that faced the ultimate in barrel charring courtesy of a 2012 fire that almost burnt down the distillery.


As the fiery story goes, according to Tuthilltown,

Hudson Double Charred Whiskey is the result of a 2012 fire that broke out here at Tuthilltown Distillery and engulfed our precious barrels. A testament to Tuthilltown founder’s Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee’s creativity in the face of adversity, Hudson’s Double Charred reflects Tuthilltown’s tenacious spirit. In the fall of 2012, a build-up of flammable vapors in the still room set off a backdraft that nearly caused the farm to go up in smoke.

Thanks to the courageous and quick-thinking efforts of local fire fighters, not only was our distillery saved, but 100 freshly filled 10 gallon oak casks holding bourbon and rye now share a part of Tuthilltown’s history. Their charred exteriors yet untainted contents got us thinking, and eventually doing what we do best, innovating. Today, a little over two years since the fire, we are proud to release this limited edition whiskey to the our local friends, fans, and fellow whiskey enthusiasts.

What’s resulted from this is a 375 ml, under four year old release that is a blend of the bourbon and rye and which looks to be pricing online for around $44. A little over 2,700 precious bottles were produced, according to Cool Hunting, making this one you’ll want to pick up to drink now and one you’ll want to get to add to your collection to tell stories of.

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