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New Holland Cask & Smoke Whiskey a Marriage of Two Barleys

By Nino Marchetti / February 11, 2016

New Holland Cask & SmokeIt has been a bit since we last looked in on Michigan’s New Holland Brewing. Back in July, they renamed their  popular wheat whiskey from Bill’s Michigan Whiskey to the much more interesting sounding Pitchfork Wheat. They’ve now got a relatively new bottling out that should appeal to fans of the American single malt style – it is aptly named Cask & Smoke.

New Holland Cask & Smoke, according to the brewery/distillery, uses a mash bill made from domestic 2-row malted barley as well as peat-smoked barley that’s been sourced from the United Kingdom. This combination is mashed and fermented in house, and then twice distilled to 140 proof.

The resulting spirit is matured in small 15 gallon American white oak casks for 18 months before being bottled at a slightly relaxed 90 proof. It is also non-chill filtered at the time of bottling.

Official limited tasting notes from New Holland Brewing for Cask & Smoke are below for your consideration. With regards to pricing, it looks to be appearing at retail for at least $40 a bottle.

Bold copper color with aromas of tropical fruit and cereal grains. Rich, full-bodied whiskey that finishes with notes gentle smoke, charred sugar and baking spices.



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