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New Copper Run Overproof Moonshine Lights Up At 120 Proof

OverMoonshine_productShot_pressThere’s moonshine, and then there’s moonshine in overdrive. That’s what the case seems to be at Copper Run Distillery in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, where a new white whiskey offering is clocking in at a hefty 120 proof.

The Overproof Ozark Mountain Moonshine, said Copper Run, is distilled and blended from separate batches of corn, wheat and barley before going directly into bottle to offer a crystal clear spirit that’s high on the octane. Tasting notes from the distillery indicate an aroma that’s indicative of fruity grain, followed by a flavor that’s sweet buttery corn, toasted wheat and caramelized barley over mid-tongue heat. It finishes clean, with hints of rich granola, honey, cinnamon and licorice.

Copper Run’s new moonshine joins a standard proof white dog that’s made from an original 80% corn, 20% wheat sour mash process using a traditional pot still, as well as an aged “spirit whiskey” that rested in white oak barrels made locally with Missouri White Oak. It prices for around $24 for a 375 ml bottle and, in a nice buying option that isn’t the case with a lot of craft distillers, can be bought online directly from the distillery.

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