New Black-Owned Whiskey Brand DuBlase Launches Nationally

By Gary Carter / June 7, 2021

DuBlase, a new small batch flavored whiskey distilled in Jacksonville, Florida, has launched online and in select retail stores across 32 states. Black-owned DuBlase was founded by its CEO, Darrin Eakins, who worked extensively over the last two years with a distiller to develop what’s described as a proprietary whiskey formula.

“I’m beyond excited to introduce DuBlase to the U.S. whiskey market. When people think of American Whiskey, they generally think of Kentucky and Tennessee, but I’m proud to say DuBlase was formulated and grown in my home state of Florida. It’s a small batch whiskey that encompasses natural Florida spices with a hint of vanilla, offering a robust and smooth hand crafted whiskey,” Eakins said in a prepared statement.

He explained that the inspiration behind DuBlase goes back to the comradery that Eakins experienced throughout his college days at Florida A&M University.

DuBlase Whiskey

DuBlase Whiskey (image via DuBlase)

“After an accomplishment was achieved, celebrating milestones with my lifelong brothers is something that has been a tradition. A sip of a fine whiskey was usually involved too,” he said. “It was these celebratory moments that inspired me to develop DuBlase and share it with the world. With DuBlase, everyone can celebrate with colleagues, family and friends with a toast of a glass.”

Those seeking the new spirit now can head online to get their hands on a bottle, Eakins said, at the brand’s website. The distiller’s notes show the new DuBlase small batch as a hand-crafted whiskey, matured and blended in Florida, and each batch is distilled six times. “Which allows us to create an authentic, crisp flavor profile,” Eakins explained.

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DuBlase Whiskey has a suggested retail price of $29.99 per 750mL bottle, and the vanilla whiskey clocks in at 70 proof.